Design Process

(This process varies among designers/architects)

I.  Initial Design Conference

Discuss the scope of your project.  Provide rough estimates and time-lines.  Discuss ideas, photos, lifestyle, and overall needs.

II. Site Visitation

Visit the site, discuss vegetation, topography, utilities, easements, and relevant factors.

III. First Preliminary Drawings

You will receive schematics of the floor plans, front elevation, and possibly a preliminary site plan.  These are yours to take home, look over, draw on, and give your input.

1. Return with comments

Review your comments in detail to define your vision.

IV. Second Preliminary Drawings

You will receive preliminary drawings with your changes incorporated.

V. First Working Drawings

You will receive your first set of computer drawings.  Review with final comments.

VI. Second Working Drawings

You will receive your second set of computer drawings.  At this time you will be asked to acknowledge that the plans are accepted as they are with your final comments.  Changes made after this point will be subject to additional fees and time delays.

1. Working Drawings

At this time the plans have been given to the truss company to start preparing the truss engineering.  Other details such as electrical, floor coverings, and room-to-room specifications will be discussed.

2. Specifications

Discussion of all materials used in the project.

3. Final Working Drawings

You will receive drawings showing structural, electrical, floor plans with dimensions, notes, elevations, and sections.

VII. Submittal to Regional Building Department

The plans are now ready for submittal to Regional Building Department.