Our Clients Goal

Building a new home is a big decision, both financially and emotionally. The home is the heart of a family, a place of comfort and memories to satisfy a family’s emotional, physical and aesthetic needs.  The building process may seem daunting so it’s important to have a builder that will exceed your expectations regarding customer service, timeliness of completion, quality of products, true craftsmanship, and respecting the proposed budget.  Our team has proven that the goals and expectations of our clients (see testimonials) are of utmost importance.

Aspen Gold has a solid reputation when it comes to fair and competitive pricing. We offer various pay-structure options based upon the scope of work and services provided.  The homeowner is kept informed throughout the project of the various expenses and these are reviewed with the builder on a monthly basis. The expenses are compared with the original estimate and projections are calculated for estimating the cost-to-complete. This method ensures that the project costs stay in-line with the homeowner’s budget. To learn more about the costs of building, please see construction costs.

Aspen Gold has the experience and proven record of being a trustworthy and honest builder.  We have continuity among subcontractors that gives a long-standing relationship between Aspen Gold, our clients and subcontractors.  We are committed to high-quality workmanship and provide a safe work environment.  Aspen Gold seeks to enter into creative partnerships with our clients to guide them from the development of their conceptual ideas and dreams and then to build those dreams into the reality of their new home throughout the construction process.  We consider it a privilege to be part of one of the most important investments a family can make–their home. Please see our testimonials to read what our satisfied clients are saying about Aspen Gold!