Pre-Construction Process

The Following is a typical pre-construction process:

1. Builder will consult with Buyers to define Buyers’ planned construction project.
2. Builder will evaluate construction site.
3. Builder will provide an ESTIMATE of project cost.

PLEASE NOTE:  without a final architectural design/plans, specifications, selection of interior and exterior finishes, and construction site, the final project cost may vary significantly from the original estimate.

4. Proceed to execute Construction Consulting Agreement.

PLEASE NOTE: Simultaneous with execution of Construction Consulting Agreement, Buyers shall deposit an amount for the direct costs of tests, permits, fees, and any other non-refundable costs that Builder may incur prior to the execution of a final contract and commencement of construction.

5.  Following execution of Construction Consulting Agreement, Builder and Buyers will:

Consult further with architect/designer to complete plans to Buyers’ satisfaction and approval.(PLEASE NOTE: Any structural changes made following the completion of the plans will incur additional costs for redesign.)
Agree to specifications of materials and finishes.
Review final contract and specifications with Buyers.
Execute final contract OR
Revise project size, specifications, finishes to revise project cost.

6.  Following execution of Construction Consulting Agreement, Builder will:

Schedule soils tests, percolation tests, permits, etc.
Assist in design development with Architect or Designer through construction drawings.
Submit plans to structural engineer and truss design engineer.
Obtain site survey, topographic survey and staking, as needed.
Prepare submittal for Architectural Control Committee.
Coordinate submittal of plans for building permits and other required approvals.
Obtain septic & well permits or procure tap fees, as required.
Provide Custom Home Guide to Buyers.
Coordinate preliminary selections for exterior finishes and colors.
Distribute plans to subcontractors and suppliers for bidding.
Prepare Contract, Specifications, and Cost Analysis.
Prepare all Builder documentation required by Buyers’ lender (ie. Insurance, Contractor’s License)
Site selection and evaluation.
Obtain building permit.

7.  Following execution of Construction Consulting Agreement, Buyers will:

Commence loan process with lender selected by Buyers.
Close construction loan or construction/permanent loan.